IMG_2361I’d never heard the term “newshawk” before a slumlord slung it at me during a 1990 investigation at The Chicago Sun-Times. As in: “newshawk on a scumhunt.” An apt description in both regards, I thought.

In the decades since, I’ve investigated all manner of culprits for the Sun-Times, Seattle Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times.

Most recently, I’ve written a book and freelanced for Mother Jones and Reuters — from my current perch at the University of Maryland, where I’m training the next generation of newshawks. 

You can find out more about Philip Merrill College of Journalism, my students and me here.

For the record: This is a personal blog. It’s not affiliated with any past, current or future employers. 

— Deb Nelson



The banner image of a hawk is courtesy of Zevotron.

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  1. Newshawk definition, a newspaper reporter, especially one who is energetic and aggressive.

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