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Trading Away Justice

What could induce innocent people to plead guilty to a crime? “Trading Away Justice” examines the phenomenon — and let’s you put yourself in their shoes. What would you do?

Casualties of Indifference

“No one really cares,” said Jorge Sactic-Espana, a community leader in Langley Park, where state highway officials have done little in response to more than 100 pedestrian accidents in the past 9 years. “I’ve seen a lot of them, a lot of accidents,” said Langley Park resident Elizabeth Villalobos through an interpreter. “It makes me feel horrible but what am I going to do?..What I do is, I just take out my phone and call the ambulance to help.” (CNS photo by Michelle Sloan)

The Uncounted: The deadly epidemic America is ignoring

SUPERBUGS. Reuters documented tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of outbreaks tied to superbug infections, a grave threat that has largely gone unreported in America.

The Brothel Next Door

Their stories, taken from court records, sketch out a common theme: Traffickers find vulnerable young women, seduce them with promises of security, then force them into the sex trade. When they resist, they are beaten, drugged, threatened with the loss of their children. (CNS photo Illustration by James Levin)

Water’s Edge: The crisis of rising sea levels

Reuters collected and analyzed vast stores of data and combined the results with on-the-ground reporting to produce stories unique in their treatment of rising seas not as a future threat, but as a troubling reality for millions of people living along the U.S. coast — and for billions more crowding shores worldwide.

“Why do they eat in soup kitchens?”

Merrill College students paired with Latvian journalism students to report on soup kitchens in Riga for The Baltic Center for Investigative Reporting, which has been documenting poverty and income inequality in the Baltic states.

The Unequal State of America

Income inequality has risen in virtually every corner of the nation. A Reuters series examines the impact of government policies on rising inequality.

The Cruelest Show on Earth

Deaths, illness and injury afflict the world’s most famous herd of performing elephants.

Update: Feld Entertainment phased out elephants in the Ringling Bros.’ traveling circus and then, in 2017 closed the circus altogether.

(Image courtesy of Rainbirder)

Watchdog in China

China’s most famous investigative journalist works out of a closet-sized room on the second floor of an anonymous office building on the outskirts of Beijing. That he works at all is a wonder.